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​Service details


About glasses

My glasses are old, so I want to make a new one. The lens is scratched and I want to replace it. I want to replace it with a blue light cut lens. It's hard to get the point of view, so please check it out. I want you to have a deep vision test to get a driver's license. I want to buy prism glasses, etc. If you have any concerns about glasses, please feel free to contact us. We will make the best possible proposals at our shop.


Lens replacement

From ¥ 5,500 for long-distance and near-distance use

Bifocal etc. ¥ 11,000 ~

​Lens option

Prism processing ¥ 4,400 ~

Blue light cut ¥ 4,400 ~

Color lens ¥ 4,400 ~

Frame repair

Brazing ¥ 5,500 ~

Consultation depending on the degree of remodeling

Screw replacement ¥ 200 ~

Nose pad replacement ¥ 500 ~

Destination cell exchange ¥ 500 ~

Non-slip processing ¥ 1,100 ~

​We will be close to you and propose suitable glasses.

​Frequently Asked Questions

​About deep vision test


At our shop, you can have a deep vision test required to obtain a driver's license. It is also possible to produce prism glasses that correct and alleviate the deviation of the eye axis for those with oblique or strabismus whose binocular vision function is impaired. Please contact us for more information.


About jewelry

​Frequently Asked Questions

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